A Selection of my Papers

Google Scholar Index.

Software-Defined Far Memory in Warehouse-Scale Computers. ASPLOS 2019, Providence, RI.

vTube: Efficient Streaming of Virtual Appliances Over Last-Mile Networks. SOCC 2013, Santa Clara, CA (bibtex).

Self-Service Cloud Computing. CCS 2012, Raleigh, NC (bibtex).

Jettison: Efficient Idle Desktop Consolidation with Partial VM Migration. Eurosys 2012, Bern, Switzerland (bibtex).

Traffic Backfilling: Subsidizing Lunch for Delay-Tolerant Applications in UMTS Networks. Mobiheld 2011, Cascais, Portugal (bibtex).

PipeCloud: Using Causality to Overcome Speed-of-Light Delays in Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery. SOCC 2011, Cascais, Portugal (bibtex).

Energy/Security Tradeoffs in Host-Based Mobile Malware Detection. Mobisys 2011, Washington, DC (bibtex).

Kaleidoscope: Cloud Micro-Elasticity via VM State Coloring. Eurosys 2011, Salzburg, Austria (bibtex).

SnowFlock: Virtual Machine Cloning as a First Class Cloud Primitive. ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (TOCS) (bibtex).

SnowFlock: Rapid Virtual Machine Cloning for Cloud Computing, Eurosys 2009, Nuremberg, Germany (bibtex). Best paper award. Eurosys 2009 talk slides in PPTX.

Hypervisor Support for Identifying Covertly Executing Binaries (2nd author), Usenix Security 2008, San Jose, CA, USA (bibtex).

Interactive Resource-Intensive Applications Made Easy, Middleware 2007, Newport Beach, CA, USA (bibtex). PPT Slides.

VMM-Independent Graphics Acceleration, VEE 2007, San Diego, CA, USA (bibtex). VEE 2007 talk slides (Open Document).


Logging pages accessed from I/O devices, US Patent Number 11151055.

Method and system for memory oversubscription for virtual machines, US Patent Number 10540092.

Pipelined data replication for disaster recovery, US Patent Number 10152398.

Method and system for memory oversubscription for virtual machines, US Patent Number 9501224.

Tagging a copy of memory of a virtual machine with information for fetching of relevant portions of the memory, US Patent Number 9250969.

Method and system for workload distributing and processing across a network of replicated virtual machines, US Patent Number 8656387.

Transmitting delay-tolerant data with other network traffic, US Patent Number 8611213.

Remote-assisted malware detection, US Patent Number 8584242.

Balancing malware rootkit detection with power consumption on mobile devices, US Patent Number 8566935.

Book Chapters

SnowFlock (with Roy Bryant), book chapter in The Architecture of Open Source Applications, Amy Brown and Greg Wilson (editors), Lulu.com, 2011, 978-1-257-63801-7.

Academic Theses.

Flexible Computing with Virtual Machines, PhD Thesis, University of Toronto

Robustness of Simplified Simulation Models for Indoor MANET Evaluation, MSc Thesis, University of Toronto

More papers, talks, posters, magazine articles, etc.

The Case for Energy-Oriented Partial Desktop Migration (nth author), HotCloud 2010, Boston, MA.

Wide Area as a Service, Poster at Eurosys 2010, Paris, France.

Towards a Ubiquitous Cloud Computing Infrastructure (nth author), LANMAN 2010, Long Branch, NJ.

Adding the Easy Button to the Cloud with SnowFlock and MPI (2nd author), HPCvirt 09, Nuremberg, Germany (bibtex).

Computer Meteorolgy: Monitoring Compute Clouds (2nd author), HotOS 2009, Monte Verita, Switzerland. (bibtex)

Five Minutes of Rage with SnowFlock, WIP at OSDI 2008, San Diego, CA.

Snowflock: Parallel Cloud Computing Made Agile, Intel/SDI/LCS Seminar, Intel Pittsburgh/CMU, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, June 2008.

Snowflock: Cloud Computing Made Agile, Xen Summit Summer 2008, Boston, MA, USA, June 2008.

Snowflock: VM Cloning for Parallel Cloud Computing, poster at Usenix Technical 2008, Boston, MA, USA, June 2008.

Low-Bandwidth VM Migration via Opportunistic Replay (2nd author), HotMobile 2008, Napa Valley, CA, USA (bibtex).

On the Robustness of Simple Indoor MANET Simulation Models, Ad Hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks journal, vol 4 #4 2007 (bibtex).

Interactive Resource-Intensive Applications Made Easy, SDI/LCS Seminar, CMU, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, September 2007.

VMGL: VMM-Independent Graphics Acceleration (ODP, SWF), Xen Summit Spring 2007, Yorktown Heights, NY, USA, April 2007.

Pervasive Personal Computing in an Internet Suspend/Resume System (nth author), IEEE Internet Computing, March 2007 (bibtex).

Dimorphic Computing: Sustainable Performance Through Thick and Thin, Poster and WIP at Mobisys 2006, Uppsala, Sweden.

Simplified Simulation Models for Indoor MANET Evaluation are not Robust, SECON 2004, Santa Clara, CA, USA (bibtex).

Hermes, DSM por software con granularidad fina, CACIC 2003, La Plata, Argentina.